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Security Personnel

Trained and certified security guards are on hand to secure your construction site, school, event, office, retail space, shopping mall, or residential complex. We're there to monitor and deter any unlawful activity, ensuring that the property and people important to you are protected.

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Armed and Unarmed Guards

Video Surveillance Monitoring

ID Check

Bag Check

Credentials Verification

Hard-Hat and Boots Compliance

Fire Guard Services

OSHA Compliance



Our customer service is top of the line. That’s why the communities we serve count on us and stay with us over the years.

We take responsibility to make sure our guards are there, protecting the assets and people you care about.


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fire guards

Need a fire guard? We can help. A fire guard is a person certified by the FDNY, who is trained in and responsible for maintaining a fire watch and performing such fire safety duties as may be prescribed by the FDNY Commissioner.

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School Safety

Secured is a qualified provider of school security under newly funded programs to protect schools. Recent state and city legislation creates grant programs to make it easier for schools to hire security personnel, pay for video cameras and make other improvements.

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DCAS Local Law 2 2016

The City of New York DCAS Local Law 2 2016 Reimbursement Program provides security personnel to protect school facilities, students and staff. Now more than ever, schools must prioritize security and we are privileged to serve the majority of the schools enlisted in the Reimbursement Program since the program's inception.

Our clients select us because they seek a security company that operates professionally, providing responsive client relations, a full administrative staff to assist with documentation needed for reimbursement submission, and constant supervision at the school site to assure guards are fulfilling their duties at the highest level.

Unlike smaller, one-man operations, we take pride in the fact that our guards are trained in best security practices, as well as in how to interact professionally and respectfully with youth in a variety of cultural environments. Our guards are always dressed presentably and provide a reliable presence. Most importantly, guards are well-trained in general security conventions and we tailor protocol to fit the specific needs of each institution.

The City of New York DCAS Local Law 2 2016 Reimbursement Program significantly defrays the cost of security, freeing administrators to focus on the important task of nurturing our children. Secured provides proper paperwork in accordance with the NYC DCAS guidelines, and our knowledgeable staff is available to help your school enroll, as well as to make any changes to services without nuisance.